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Fastvue Reports Explained - Overview, User Overview and Activity Reports

Last Updated: Jun 30, 2016 10:28PM PDT
Fastvue Reporter has three types of reports. Overview Reports, User Overview Reports and Activity Reports.

Report Types in TMG Reporter

Overview Reports

Overview Reports, as the name suggests, present a nicely summarized overview of your organization's web traffic. 

Running an Overview Report

To run an Overview Report, simply click the Overview Report button, select your date range and click Run Report. You can also use the Filter button to refine your report, or the Schedule button to run the Overview Report regularly.
Overview Report Options

Reading an Overview Report

Overview reports have four sections. Bandwidth, Productivity, Web Protection and Network. Each section includes 'Top N' style information such as Top Users By Size, Top Sites by Size, Unacceptable Browsing By User, Top Actions, Top Connections and so on.

User Overview Reports

User Overview Reports are the same as Overview Reports, only they are filtered by a specific user. As such, some sections of the report are removed such as 'Top Users' and 'Top Departments'. 

Running a User Overview Report

Fastvue Reporter provides a simple drop down list with a search function making it easy to select the user you want to report on. This list of users is automatically pulled from Active Directory.

To run a User Overview Report, simply click the User Overview Report button, select the user you want to report on, your date range and click Run Report.
Running a User Overview Report
Note: The list of users is a simple pick list from Active Directory. If a user has not yet done any 'authenticated' browsing through Barracuda Web Filter, any reports for that user will be blank.

Reading a User Overview Report

As mentioned, User Overview reports are very similar to Overview Reports, only some sections are removed. This is because it doesn't make sense to show a list of top users or departments for a specific user report. User Overview reports still display the 'Top N' style information about the selected user's bandwidth, productivity, web protection and network traffic. If you need more detailed/forensic information about a user's activity, see Activity Reports below.

Barracuda User Overview Reports

Activity Reports

Activity Reports on the other hand are quite different. They are designed to provide more detailed/forensic information about any web activity flowing through the Barracuda Web Filter. Activity Reports contain log-level information grouped by browsing sessions.

​Running an Activity Report

​Activity Reports require you to specify a filter, such as User Equal to Bob or Origin Domain Equal to

To run an Activity Report, simply click the Activity Report button, define the filter you want to use, your date range and click Run Report.


Reading an Activity Report

​Activity Reports group web activity into browsing sessions, and list all sessions chronologically by start time. The 'Activity' shown changes depending on the Filter. For example, an Activity Report on a single user will show a list of web sites browsed by that user throughout the day. An Activity Report on a specific Site will show you the people who browsed that website throughout the day and when.

Activity Reports show you exactly when traffic occurred and present the full details of each session (full URLs, timestamps, blocked/allowed information) when clicking the session rows in the report.

By using the three different types of reports, and appropriately using Filters, you can easily report on what you need. 

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